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We should never be afraid to ask questions and seek answers when we are faced with doubts, confusions or challenges. To that end, Liberty Hill periodically holds open forum Q&A events where those in attendance can ask any question, which will then be addressed by Pastor Marc and other guest panelists present.

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The upcoming October event got an upgrade. Join us Saturday, October 20th for an afternoon of teaching followed by the usual Q&A. For more details visit our “Defending Your Faith” Conference page



The events are presented below with an embedded media player and links to the individual questions below that. Check back often, as the questions are generally posted over time due to the time involved in editing each individual question from the master video. Questions are posted as they become available.

AUGUST 23RD, 2017

The full Q&A event with pastor Marc and special guest, sociologist Kenneth Vaughan from Baylor University is linked below. Check back as the individual questions will be posted as they get edited and uploaded.

Click here to view the FULL EVENT.

APRIL 26TH, 2017

Pastor Marc and special guest, sociologist Kenneth Vaughan from Baylor University.


JANUARY 25th, 2017

Here is the full 1 hour event. Videos of the individual questions are posted below for easier browsing and viewing.

OCTOBER 26th, 2016

You may view the entire 1 hour event here, or check back as the individual questions get edited and posted for easier viewing. Links to the individual questions will be posted below the embedded media player as they become available.

JULY 27th, 2016

How NOT to interpret the Bible



Homosexuality and The Church