Are There Inconsistencies & Errors in the Bible? (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 5)


In this 5th session addressing the video by YouTuber, PineCreek, “How to Cause Trouble in Church”, Pastor Marc addresses the issues whether the Old and New Testaments present a consistent message as well as some alleged errors in the Bible.



Differences in the Gospels / The Number of NT Manuscripts (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 4)

In this session responding to atheist PineCreek Doug, we examine some challenges regarding (1) whether the differences in the Gospels lend credibility and (2) whether the number of manuscript copies bolsters the case for the reliability of the New Testament.


Misquotes, Evidence, and Missing Records (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 2)

In his Wednesday evening class, Pastor Marc responds to the video by Douglas (PineCreek) Letkeman. In his original video, Douglas makes the challenge of 10 issues which he claims cast doubt on the Bible’s historicity and would therefore “cause trouble in church”. This video deals with the first 3.


Who Wrote the Gospels?

The four writings of the New Testament called “The Gospels” are where we get the details of Christ’s life and teachings while He was on Earth, so their credibility is of great importance. In recent times, the authorship of these documents have come into question among some scholars, and critics of Christianity often use these ideas to speak against the truth of the Biblical teachings. So who did write the Gospels? Can we be confident that we have reliable testimony of the life of Jesus? How can do we respond when we are faced with the claims that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did not write these foundational texts?


Do We Have Free Will? (Doctrine of Man, Part 8)

We conclude our study on the Doctrine of Man with a look at the question, “Are we responsible for our choices?” As human beings it seems rather obvious that we make decisions all the time. Yet there also seems to be this sense in which the choices people make seem inevitable. Do we really have free will to determine our own actions? Or as some claim, is it all an illusion and everything is determined for us?

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