When and where did Jesus call disciples to follow Him? (Part 1)

What do we do with the alleged contraction between John’s account of Jesus calling Andrew, Peter, James and John at the Jordan, and the Synoptic Gospels’ account of their calling in Capernaum on the shore of the Sea of Galilee?


Miracles Glorify God

So often we think of miracles, especially healings, as a favor to, or reward for, the person receiving the miracle, but what if instead we consider that it’s God that gets the glory? How would that change our view of unanswered prayers and the times when no miracle is forthcoming?  [Excerpt from sermon on Sept. 17th, 2017]

Created in God’s Image (Doctrine of Man, Part 2)

The fancy Latin term for it is “Imago Dei”. The Image of God. The Scriptures record God’s creation of man as something separate from and different than the creation of everything else. Mankind is created “in the image of God”. But what does that mean? In this session we take a look at some of the details philosophers and theologians have hammered out regarding this issue.


The Resurrection of Jesus, Fact or Fiction? (Special Guest, Cameron Bertuzzi)


Sunday, April 9th at 11:00am (During regular worship service time)

Special guest, Cameron Bertuzzi, will ask and address the question of whether we can say with any degree of certainty that Jesus rose physically from the dead.

Cameron, a photographer by profession, has built a ministry called Capturing Christianity where he defends the rationality of Christianity. He currently runs a blog that receives thousands of hits per month, and has recently begun hosting live discussions between theists and atheists on the question of God’s existence. More info about Cameron can be found at his website: CapturingChristianity.com
For information contact pastor Marc at pastormarc5183@gmail.com.
Being on the 2nd Sunday of the month, our usual church fellowship luncheon will follow. All guests are invited to attend.