Hope Restored, part 2 (The Book of Ruth, part 5)

The series on the Book of Ruth is concluded as we take a look at how, through their faithfulness to God, Naomi and Ruth make their journey from hopelessness to having hope not only rekindled but realized. Pastor Marc offers some reflection on the story dealing with our perspective on suffering and God’s concern for even the small things in life.

New Sermon Series: The Book of Ruth


As we look around our world and see suffering and trials and struggles, as we watch the news or read the papers and see scandal and gloom, as we scroll through social media and see the despair and angst and chaos, … things can seem a little hopeless.

But God’s Word promises us Hope. And through the struggles and trials of a young Moabite woman named Ruth, we see a story of hopelessness turned into a celebration of Hope Restored.

Beginning October 16th, we will be teaching through the Book of Ruth. Please join us each Sunday at 11:00 am.