Sermon: “Pursuing Justice for Those Who Can’t” (Sanctity of Life Sunday, 2018)

The major social justice issue of our time: The deaths of millions of unborn human beings who are sentenced to die for the “crime” of being inconvenient. The Christian church has lead the charge in overturning every past major human rights injustice. This time should be no different.



Sermon: “Great is the Lord” (Refocus 2018)

Scripture: Psalm 147

As we begin 2018, we seek to refocus our attention more on God Himself, His nature and character and what He has done in our lives. Too often we can let our church life and religious practice become focused on learning “about God” and let our relationship with God become distant and mechanical.


Sermon: “The Light of the World”

Message from Christmas Eve service 2017. In Scripture, Jesus is referred to The Light of the World. What are some of the functions of light which also parallel the role Jesus fulfills in our lives?

(Unfortunately, there were technical issues that did not allow the song portion of the service to be included.)