Sermon: “The Coming of the King” (Part 2)

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, we take a look at the historical case for the Resurrection, what sort of King Jesus is, and what it means for us as followers of this peculiar king.

Alleged Bible Contradictions: Easter Edition

We take a walk through the events of the last days of Jesus’ life examining critics’ challenges of error in the Gospels’ accounts. (Links open in YouTube in a new window)

Misquotes, Evidence, and Missing Records (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 2)

In his Wednesday evening class, Pastor Marc responds to the video by Douglas (PineCreek) Letkeman. In his original video, Douglas makes the challenge of 10 issues which he claims cast doubt on the Bible’s historicity and would therefore “cause trouble in church”. This video deals with the first 3.