Could we have The New Testament without The Resurrection? (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 6)

In this 6th and last installment in the series, we address the challenge by atheist, PineCreek, that even if Jesus had not risen bodily from the dead we could still have the evidence found in the New Testament documents.


Eyewitness Accounts & Luke’s Relationship With Paul (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 3)

In this 3rd session addressing the video by YouTuber, PineCreek, “How to Cause Trouble in Church”, Pastor Marc addresses the issue of the Gospel authors being eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus and whether Luke’s relationship to Paul should be called into question.


Misquotes, Evidence, and Missing Records (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 2)

In his Wednesday evening class, Pastor Marc responds to the video by Douglas (PineCreek) Letkeman. In his original video, Douglas makes the challenge of 10 issues which he claims cast doubt on the Bible’s historicity and would therefore “cause trouble in church”. This video deals with the first 3.