Sermon: “Getting the Word Out” with Ray Murphy from Gideons International

Special guest, Ray Murphy, bring the message at Liberty Hill Baptist Church about the work being done both locally and around the world by Gideons International. Through the efforts of the Gideons’ bible distribution, the Word of God is able to reach and impact millions of people.

[Apologies for some of the choppy edits and audio at the beginning and end. We had some technical issues but salvaged what we could.]



The Romans Road: What is “The Gospel”?

In this message from the Sunday evening service on June 9th 2019, we explain the salvation message of Christianity by walking through “The Romans Road”.

2016 Book of James Series

2016 “The Beatitudes” Series

In Matthew chapter 5, we find Jesus teaching on who is to be considered “blessed” in the Kingdom of God. In this series we examined what is meant by each of these statements and what it means for those of us endeavoring to follow Christ.